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Ghana is also one of the few countries in the continent with available investment, such as gold, silver,

infrastructure and related projects. Ghana is currently undergoing great results from foreign direct

investments (FDI), resulting in a total of $53.2 billion. An average economic growth of 8% over the

past five years has been supported by strong improvements to economic freedom. Reason behind the

nation’s great development was support from government bodies on macro policies and upcoming

reforms. Grounds behind the reform are crucial to improving Ghana’s economic health and freedom.


Mexico’s economic freedom score is 67.0 making its economy the 50 th freest in the 2013 index. Mexico

is ranked third out of all the North American countries, buts average is still well above the planets


Politically the nation has been refreshed, in order to encourage international investment. Actions which

have been taking are implementation of policies intended to support open markets and encourage a

vibrant private sector has enhanced investment flows and the vitality of entrepreneurship. Furthermore

Mexico have developed and strengthening their legal framework. Progressions in these changes are

evidential and are improving slightly year, after year.


Chile’s economic freedom score is currently at 79, making the economy the 7 th freest in the 2013 index.

Improving its index by 0.7 better than the previous year. Chile also continues to be global leader in

economic freedom.

Chile has also set the standard in controlling, and monitoring their economic freedom, and transactions.

Their economic law being strongly monitored and maintained by independent and efficient judicial

systems has kept public debt and recent budget deflects under control. Chile is the most secure in

Latin America with constant monitoring from higher up bodies; courts in general are transparent and


Reason behind the success of chile’s small economy with an impressive capacity to adjust and

avoid external shocks. Facilitating entrepreneurial activity, sound policy choices grounded in strong

commitment to economic freedom have ensured dynamism.


Out of all the nations Georgia have made one of the largest improvements with an increase of 2.8%

points higher than last year, with changes in political factors such as management of public finance,

investment freedom, and property rights.

President ensures residents and potential investors to eliminate corruption and restore fiscal stability

have borne fruit. General investors will also be granted access to legal documents has been granted.

Furthermore fiscal consolidation has generated narrowing budget deflects and lower public debt.