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The mighty jungle of Africa is the future of investments…One third of the arable land is in Africa. The ‘jungle’ of Africa  is endowed with various commodities such as cocoa, wheat, oil, copper, diamond, bauxite, gold and many more.

However as good man once said “ in the face of appointment, there is disappointment and vice versa”. With the vast resources of Africa, there is a very unfortunate lack of Infrastructure to propel the continent to forefront of being a global leader in growth. Some have even uttered Africa can be the new China which may be fair to say if the required infrastructure is implemented.

When is it the right time to participate? Well, the answer to that is the analogy of “do you want to miss the train!” Whilst there are low entry competition – Get involved now .  If look to Brazil and Russia and how they have developed over the past 10 years it is therefore fair to say African is at the start of replicating the success of these once Emerging markets.  Whilst traditionalists will Africa with a brush of corruption, the smart money (Banks) are heavily investing in peripheral Africa by purchasing their distressed bonds or via equities.

While the west faces mediocrity Countries like Ghana are reaching record levels of FDI and future double GDP growth.  Growth and return are linked through lucrative Infrastructure projects that are commissioned by the governments of Africa much like a Bond. The nation with most of its population under 25 is rated safer than 6 countries in the Eurozone and a better credit rating than our Co-Operative Bank. The mighty Africa is rising over the west and soon it will rise over the east with china struggling and look to move production of shoes to Ethiopia. China is no longer the production hub of the world it will move to Africa.

An Africa investment is only …”a whim away a whim away a whim away”.

Invest in emerging markets.