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With the uk government pumping money into the property market allowing new buyers to front up 5% of the value of a property from the previous 25% .  Further to the latest changes of ‘parental’ help with the government guaranteeing the other 20% of the property’s market value.  This has allowed property prices to rise in the past couple of weeks and the foreseeable future.  Is this the inception of ‘Déjà Vu’?As you know this is the type action we’ve seen before the last crash.  The bubble balloon  is being pump and further  inflated by the government and it will allow buyers to purchase houses they cannot afford to mortgage. This will undoubtedly cause the property fall again to pieces.  With slow to no growth, Quantitative easing will lower the value of the £. Thus, we cannot afford to be brash or frivolous with asset and or our investment. If you are investing in properties… think carefully about diversifying your portfolio. Consider investing in emerging markets  because they are unlikely to fail any time soon. A safe recommendation is to read some our previous  blogs on emerging markets  before making an investment