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Reflex Eco Group – Ghana news

by Samuel Boadi (Local journalist)

Telecommunication companies operating in the country have been fined GH¢1 million by the National Communications Authority (NCA), following their failure to meet the required quality of service standards spanning March and April, 2013.

MTN was fined GH¢350,000.00 for defaulting in call congestion and other call setup time obligations in Greater Accra, Upper East, Upper West and Northern followed by tiGO with a fine of GH¢250,000 while Expresso and Glo respectively were asked to pay GH¢200,000 and GH¢100,000. Airtel and Vodafone also had GH¢50,000 each to pay.
tiGO’s offence concerned defaulting call setup time obligation in the Western and Greater Accra in addition to evidence of call congestion obligation in Upper East, Upper West and Northern regions.
Expresso was said to have defaulted call congestion obligations in Western, Upper West, Upper East and Northern regions while Glo defaulted in call setup time and call completion obligations in the Brong Ahafo Region.

Airtel failed to uphold call congestion obligation in the Northern Region with Vodafone defaulting call setup time obligation also in Northern Region.
The operators were however found to be in compliance in tested cities and towns in Greater Accra and the three Northern regions in April in connection with signaling congestion threshold of less than one per cent.

In the case of Airtel, it was compliant with call setup time of less than 10 seconds in all cities and towns tested in March and April.

Vodafone was the only network operating within the set threshold in all localities with the same period on the call congestion threshold of less than one per cent, the NCA stated.

In April, each of the operators were said to have been compliant with the call drop license threshold of less than three per cent in all localities tested in April.

The NCA uses the quality of service standards test to determine service provision performance from the point of view of consumers.