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Reflex Eco Group – Ghana News

by Samuel Boadi (local journalist)

The Private Universities Students’ Association of Ghana (PUSAG) has appealed to Government to outrightly restore tax exemption for private universities.

In a press release issued in Accra and signed by Elias Zigah, National President, PUSAG said the restoration was necessary since the additional taxes imposed on universities would inadvertently increase tuition fees of private universities.

“Already our tuition fees are being increased annually by our institutions due to lack of Government subventions for private universities, unlike public universities.”

“This clearly shows that Government doesn’t recognize the complementary role of private universities in supplementing the increasing demand for tertiary education in this country.

Every year private universities pay affiliation fees to the National Accreditation Board and the affiliated public universities.

Meanwhile, private universities are being denied access to GETFund, state scholarships and state funding for research and others.

“We must acknowledge that advanced countries which have developed on the backbone of education were able to do this because private universities were mostly dominant and tax exempted. In Ghana, there are 63 private universities and last year, we admitted 26 percent in the overall applicants.”

PUSAG stated that this year there has been an increase in admissions because two batches of Senior High School (SHS) students took part in the WASSCE.

“It is going to be a recipe for disaster with this tax imposed on private universities. This is the time that government must come in to support private universities to overcome the admission blues.

“We are therefore appealing to government to support private universities to make things flexible for students by supporting these institutions.”