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Cephas Larbi (Local journalist)

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Maritime and Dockworkers’ Union (MDU) of the Ghana Trades Union Congress has called on government to stop the on-going negotiation to lease out Tema Shipyard to Tullow Ghana.

According to the Union Tema Shipyard is faced with a lot of problems which needs to be addressed first before government goes into negotiation to lease it out to Tallow.

Ebenezer Taylor, Secretary of the Tema District Council of Maritime and Dockworkers’ Union (MDU) who was speaking at a press conference in Accra said the prominence given to Tullow Ghana in the PSC Tema Shipyard affairs is misplaced.

He said government must first take a step to implement the recommendation of the Chris Ackumey committee for takeover and management of PSC Tema Shipyard by Ghana Port and Harbours Authority (GPHA).

Taylor said “We find the negotiation to lease out Tema Shipyard to Tullow Ghana before the completion of the takeover processes by GPHA an unfortunate U-turn in the efforts to address the management problems of the shipyard”.

“In our opinion, the starting point of resolving the Tema Shipyard problems is to place the company under the management of GPHA first before any other issue could be considered”, he said.

Taylor therefore called for the immediate withdrawal of the Tullow Ghana employees from the PSC Tema shipyard.

He said the Tema Shipyard is a “Goldmine” which can create employment for more than one thousand people and the nation cannot go on a gamble spree with such an important asset.

Taylor appealed to government to provide opportunity for GPHA to present its proposals to revamp the Shipyard into a modern ship building and repairs company in Africa.

“With the right management under GPHA, it is possible to develop PSC Tema shipyard into a first class modern Ship building and repairs company in Africa to provide dry-dock and repairs for ships plying the Western shoreline of Africa, those that call on Tema Harbor and then take advantage of the increased vessel call in the oil industry for Ghana and the sub-region”, he said.

Taylor urged government to pursue the bigger vision for PSC Tema Shipyard under the management of GPHA instead of reducing the potential of the company to the fabrication of parts for Tullow’s FPSO.

He said the potential of PSC Tema Shipyard is beyond the fabrication of parts for the building of a new FPSO for Tullow Ghana.