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by Paul Carlucci  (Columnist of ThinkAfricaPress)

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The French investigation into the massive wealth of long standing Central African rulers and French allies may be changing the French model of neo-colonialism in Africa.


For three Central African leaders, the days of impunity and scandalous accumulation of wealth could be over, following an investigation by French prosecutors. The case of the ‘ill-gotten gains’ was first brought to court by two non-governmental organisations and an association of the Congolese diaspora in 2007. It aims to bring Central Africa’s most flagrantly corrupt leaders to justice for their alleged theft and embezzlement of public resources.

William Bourdon, who has previously advised French President François Hollande and is now the president of Sherpa, one of the organisations prosecuting the case, told Think Africa Press that “The case is historic and could open the…

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